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[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : I accidentally hit my wife…what should i do now?

I think you interchanged the word accidentally with impulsively.

I was in an abusive relationship for four years. I had literally no place to go and it has been about five years since the split, I still think about the abuse and I have not been on a date since, nor have I slept with anyone.

You mention it was only once and you mention she is fine but what about long term consequences for you, for her and for the relationship? How will this living situation workout if you are living with her family? Is she close to them? Will she tell them? Will she keep it from them? Does she have siblings that she will communicate this to?
Lots of questions. It will come back around in the relationship, I do not know you so I am not sure how it will come back around but it will.

You of course need to work on the anger issue and really actually look at what triggered the response you had. Did she say something? What was it? Were you having a bad day? What was going on that day that made you act out like this? You will have to understand the root cause of the impulse you had that day.

If you can afford it or if you are willing to set a little money aside for an investment in the relationships, I would strongly suggest couples therapy. It is not ideal living under your wifes family home and it is also not ideal to show that the money you are saving is going towards anything outside of saving up for a home yourself but you will need to make the investment and now is a good time because economical responsibilities have been reduced for a bit and I wonder if you will have the time, support or resources to seek therapy when you guys get back on your feet.

Good luck!

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Posted by admin - January 27, 2016 at 6:32 pm

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